Two words: SUMMER CAMP. Created by a woman for women, Camp Hecate takes the things we loved about childhood sleep-away camp with a grown-up focus: helping women feel replenished, rejuvenated, and restored in order to become the best versions of themselves and generate change within their communities. Founder and camp director, Margaret, recognizes that with rested and freed minds comes the ability to conceive big things, and the bandwidth to bring those dreams to fruition.

When discussing the feel for the logo, we knew we wanted to incorporate those nostalgic little details that reminded us of our days of bunk beds, beaded bracelets, and field days. We were inspire by traditional 80's camp t-shirts as seen in the traditional camp font and mountain backdrop, and the palette touched upon those mountain sunsets and late night star-gazing.

the story

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the palette

"Her entire process—from getting to know my intention and mission to delivering the final files — is flawless... As the kids say, 10/10 would recommend."

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