Hey there, I'm Sasha

Originally from Massachusetts, I'm proud to call myself a New England gal through and through. I live for sweater weather, red and gold fall leaves, and lobstah rolls.  Seven years ago I left that all behind in the name of love, and now call Northern Virginia home with my husband and two girls, who enjoy the snow nearly as much as I do.

I'm a sucker for spoken-word poetry,  raspberry chocolate chip ice cream, Lizzo sing-a-longs on long car rides, and self-inflicted pain in the form of long-distance running. I could live off homemade empanadas and sangria, and a combination of the two typically results in an evening full of laughter and storytelling. 

Hey there!


owner & creative mastermind behind Kasko Creative. 

saturday morning puppy piles

rainy fall days

mango ginger tea

90's boy bands

a few of my favorite things

But enough about me, let's talk


You're a risk-taker. A dream-chaser. A trailblazer.

You believe in the unstoppable force within you and recognize your limitless potential.  

You have a vision - something big and bold and beautiful - and need someone to help bring that vision to life. 


But enough about me, let's talk about

With my creative genius and your unique vision, we'll work together to design and develop a show-stopping brand that not only connects with your ideal clients but converts them into paying customers. Through an in-depth process, I'll take your words and your ideas to bring life to your story and create something that is both effective and beautiful. 

That's where I come in

With big dreams and an even bigger to-do list, don't let the stress of creating a memorable brand slow you down.

Let me work my magic so you can focus on working yours

Let's make some magic


so you can focus on working yours

let me work my