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Feb 07

Branding is more than just your logo; it’s the full experience a customer has with your business – the story that captivates them, the emotions its evokes, the message you wish you spread. And with the rise of more and more social media platforms, growing marketing tools, and the use of tangible goods to promote your hustle, businesses now more than ever need a cohesive and versatile brand identity with multiple logo variations in order to connect with their client and leave a lasting impression.

So what kind of logo variations do you need? The answer: it depends. Every business has different needs and goals, and logo variations allow you to have distinct yet recognizable looks across various platforms and mediums. When working with clients, I like to present (and recommend) a primary logo, 2-3 alternatives logo, submark, watermark, and lettermark. To demonstrate, let’s take a peak at the Kasko Creative brand:


The main logo is the primary logo variation you’ll use with your brand. It typically contains the full name of your business and can also include a tagline or icon. This is the frontman of your brand – the look that makes your audience say, “Aha! I know them!”


The alternative logo is simply a shorter or condensed version of your main logo. We typically ditch the tagline and create variations of your main logo that are similar in look and feel, but differ in layout or color. These variations allow flexibility in how you use your brand while creating a cohesive and recognizable look.

The submark

Similar to the alternative logo, your submark is a condensed logo variation that is often used in social media profile pictures, website footers, business stationary, or other graphics. It often comes in a geometric shape like circles or squares, and typically represents your brand in a simplified way. They can also include identifying information such as an email address, website URL, or phone number.

The watermark

Every brand needs a watermark! This is a white version of one (or more) of your logo variations with a transparent background that is used to mark your content as your own. This is particularly important on social media images and any other custom content you create so that your hard work is correctly attributed to you!

The lettermark

Lettermarks are the most simplified version of your logo and typically come in the form of a monogram or initials of your business name. They may have a small icon or brand detail alongside it, and are ideal for favicons (the little icon that is displayed in the web browsers address bar), watermarks, or signatures.

Having numerous variations of your logo is an important step in creating a strong and recognizable brand identity. It allows you to connect with your clients in unique and impactful ways across the endless digital media and collateral options available. As your designer, my goal is to create a versatile and captivating brand that meets your business’s individual needs in order to connect with and covert clients across all the platforms you use. Let’s chat and get working on your brand today!



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